The Awoken Podcast

The Awoken Podcast

7 Episodes

The Awoken podcast hosted by Awoken CEO Laura Carrillo aka The Feng Shui Lady showcases revealing conversations with Awoken contributors about their stories of awakening and their latest Awoken films, shows, and courses on Awoken TV. Laura is introducing an emerging enlightenment and self cultivation streaming platform called Awoken TV Think Gaia meets Mindvalley somewhere near Area 51! Awoken focuses on Spiritual, Metaphysical & Wellness Films, Courses, and Shows. Laura is joined by Awoken contributors including our Light-workers, Healers, Artists and conscious Filmmakers. The time has arrived for Conscious Entertainment & Education. We are bridging the physical with the divine and the heart with the mind. Laura is championing everyone's right to speak their truth by providing an uncensored platform and a safe space to share spiritual tools and insights for navigating our collective journey to Ascension! You can subscribe to Awoken Tv for the first 7 days free at

The Awoken Podcast
  • The Awoken Podcast E1 with Laura Carrillo & Susie Beiler

    Episode 1

    On this very first episode of The Awoken Podcast, Laura Carrillo the Awoken CEO sat down for a virtual chat with Susie Beiler about the origins of Awoken TV and boy did they spill the Spiritual Tea! The Awoken podcast will also be available on Awoken TV, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Spotify, Google ...

  • The Awoken Podcast E2 with Susie Beiler

    Episode 2

    Awoken CEO Laura Carrillo interviews Host & Teacher Susie Beiler about her 3 series on Awoken TV The Way of Spiritual Mastery, Messages From The Blue Dragons, Sedona Woo & Taboo, and a course Empath To Integration. They also discuss Susie's personal Awakening story, Fairies and Dragons. To lear...

  • The Awoken Podcast E3 with Michele Amburgey

    Episode 3

    Introducing Michele Amburgey THE AWAKENER on Awoken TV! She is launching her new show "Awoken Messages" on 11/16/20 exclusively on Michele Amburgey is the Awakener , Teacher of Teachers and she's doing a Weekly Energy Report on Awoken TV!!

    Michele works with the galactic realms ...

  • The Awoken Podcast E4 with Yukia Sandara

    Episode 4

    In episode 4 of The Awoken Podcast Yukia Sandara joins Laura to discuss her work as an Inter Galactic Star Seed, a teacher, a healer, a Transformation Light Language Activator/Decoder, an observer and a witness, a Higher Consciousness change agent. Yukia is an Awoken contributor with Activation...

  • The Awoken Podcast E5 with Hayley Felton

    Episode 5

    Laura interviews Awoken contributor and Intuitive Love Coach. Hayley Felton teaches a class hosted on Awoken called Align To Love! Hayley has worked as a Matchmaker for a high-end British dating agency and even appeared on a Reality Series Around The World in 80 Dates for Wedding TV. She went ...

  • The Awoken Podcast Episode 6 Inarra Griffyn

    Episode 6

    Laura Beatriz Carrillo the Awoken CEO and Inarra Aryane Griffyn aka The Millionaire Yogi & Awoken Event Producer get together to discuss their Awoken Visionary collaboration! Laura owns Awoken TV under her Narrative Space LLC and Inarra owns New Earth Visionaries Group and together they are pa...

  • The Awoken Podcast Episode 7 with Xane Daniel

    Episode 7

    Awoken Podcast Episode 7 with Xane Daniel Hathor Energy Healer, Ascension Teacher, and Metaphysical Conference Coach. Xane joins Laura and shares his Awakening story and Mission along with his new role on Awoken TV. You can learn more about Xane at and www.higherselfexpo...