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EmPath to Integration Course by Susie Beiler EmPath to Integration Course by Susie Beiler

Module 11 - Saying “yes” or “no” Inappropriately: Lesson Nine | EmPath to Integration Course

Length: 0:04:03

When you say “no thank you” to something that does not feel good, you free yourself to say YES to what nourishes you. Your bandwidth to handle your emotions and create balance in your life increases when your field in not cluttered with commitments that drain you. Even if you are partway through a commitment, you are always at choice. You have the ability to change your mind and let the other people involved know that this is no longer the right choice for you. Your responsibility is to yourself first. You are not responsible for anyoneʼs reaction to your choice. When the choice is made from love, you can communicate with love. In freeing yourself, you are also freeing the involved parties. Maybe someone else is a better fit for the role you were playing. Allow something better to fill the space you now wish to leave.

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