Align To Love with Hayley Felton

Hayley Felton’s ALIGN TO LOVE course is the ultimate heart healing programme that prepares you for love so you can become magnetic to the soulmate relationship you desire. This course is for anyone who is single, looking for love and is open to a more effortless, spiritual approach to finding love. ALIGN TO LOVE will help you release what’s been holding you back consciously or subconsciously around love so you’re ready to embrace a new soulmate relationship. Included are 16 powerful yet easy to implement Love Lessons, 4 transformative healing meditations plus learning resources that will support you on your ALIGN TO LOVE journey. Hayley has been in your shoes and is now a renowned Healer and Spiritual teacher helping connect you to your heart’s and soul’s desires. ALIGN TO LOVE is available for purchase at an exclusive price at

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