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Enlightening & Empowering Entertainment & Education! Awoken is a dance between Spirituality, Wellness & Metaphysics. We are dedicated to bridging the physical with the divine and the heart with the mind.

On Awoken TV, you'll find original series, films and content from uncensored emerging voices in spirituality, wellness and metaphysics. You also have access to our modern day Mystery School with online courses; some included with your subscription and others at an amazing value. We cover everything from Wellness, to Psychic Phenomena and Metaphysics. Awoken is introducing a platform for uncensored access to Conscious Content. We are evolving together with our family of hosts, filmmakers, teachers and content providers representing a multitude of ideas, disciplines, and modalities.

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Our ever growing library of cutting-edge original content from experts all over the globe! Delivering Original Series, Presentations, Films & Podcasts.

Our modern day Mystery School right in the comfort of your own home! Including Complimentary courses & Master courses at an amazing value...

Your voice and views matters. We receive feedback from our community on the topics you want to know more about. Our hosts, filmmakers, teachers, experts and content providers are compensated based on your per minute views. We champion lightworkers, wellness professionals and conscious filmmakers with more than 50% of our net revenue from subscribers going to them! Our goal is to bring you the best experts available to share profound enlightening and empowering education and entertainment worldwide!

Get to know our teachers better and interact with them on our Facebook Page @AwokenTV. Our Teachers and Hosts connect with our community and share upcoming shows and content on our Facebook Page and in our Facebook Group that you can join called Awoken TV Community!
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Our Team

Meet the Awoken TV Team! We are reimagining Spiritual & Wellness programming, content and access…

Laura Carrillo

Laura aka The Feng Shui Lady® is the CEO and voice of Awoken TV. Laura has a background in Journalism and an expertise in Feng Shui, Space Clearing & Wellness. She lives to create Sacred Space in the physical, spiritual & digital world. Laura uses Feng Shui as a manifesting tool to help people bridge the physical with the divine. In addition to running Awoken, Laura hosts "The Feng Shui Lady® Show" which explores all the manifesting tools at our disposal with expert guests in Spirituality, Metaphysics, Wellness and Consciousness. She also has special episodes where she shares her expertise in using Feng Shui as a manifesting tool. Laura's philosophy on Spirituality and Wellness is much like that of the Buddha. She believes in the "Middle Way" and living a fully embodied life. As above so below…

Sarah Baez

Sarah Báez, our Lead Content & Talent Recruiter is a connector and her life path journey is to seek the source of knowledge. With more than 20 years of film-making experience from pre to post-production with Eravision Films, Sarah brings an intimate understanding of the creative process of film-making. Her passion is being a channel to emerging conscious voices in film and shedding a light on groundbreaking functional healing modalities to the world. Sarah is committed to giving a voice to new and unheard experts in wellness metaphysics and spirituality by aligning them with a platform where they can be seen, heard and fairly compensated without censorship. Her inquisitive nature and objective approach to share this knowledge has made her a magnet to unique talents and modalities. Sarah has joined the Awoken TV family at the right time. A major shift has been happening in our world and she feels the time is now to inspire and plant the seeds of knowledge through science, energy medicine and the mystical in order to engage and uplift humanity for generations to come.

Michele Amburgey

Michele Amburgey, our Awoken CFO Is an Angelic Intuitive, Energy Healer, Transformation Coach and Voice Actor! Michele Amburgey has also been an accountant and bookkeeper since 1983. She has owned two successful businesses of her own in the construction and manufacturing fields where she wore all the hats from operations, sales, purchasing, job site supervisor and CFO and CEO duties. She has been accountant bookkeeper for many businesses throughout the years. Michele shifted her clientele in 2012 to support businesses where owners are working for good in the world. Michele delivers accounting services, training and consulting to businesses in need of a conscious and spiritually minded accounting. She now works exclusively with businesses in the entertainment and holistic fields. Michele joined Awoken TV’s team as CFO in charge of the financial health of the company. She brings her years of experience and her expertise in business management as well as CFO and accounting services to help create the vision that is Awoken TV.

Mission Statement

It’s time to wake up to a whole new world! Awoken TV exists as sacred space in the digital world accessible to everyone from the spiritually curious, to the fully enlightened. We are a global on Demand Subscription based platform for Spiritual Entertainment & Education. Our focus is Spiritual, Metaphysical & Wellness content with a diverse team of credentialed experts in a multitude of disciplines. We respect and honor our viewers desire to be inspired and educated in Higher Consciousness and Wellness content. We are here to make the divine yours and mine. Wake up with Awoken TV…

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